Devine VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Reflexology

Devine VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Reflexology

Our VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Reflexology is the perfect course which will give you all knowledge and experience for a career as a reflexologist. Reflexology foot massages are mainly used to release tension and stress. Stress can be a huge factor in worsening many health issues and not dealing with that build up can create blocked energy in your body. Reflexology works to release this tension and therefore relieving this energy blockage. It allows your body to achieve a level of equilibrium, putting it into an ideal state to tackle anything from major to minor health concerns.

Course content:
Health and Safety
A&P of the Skin
Consultation, Medical and Consent Requirements
Contra-indications and Contra actions
Pre-Care and Aftercare
Product knowledge
Practical demonstration
A model will be required
Assessments during classroom hours
150 case studies needed in your own time


Course Duration: 8 Day course split over 28 weeks
Time: 10-4pm (Arrive 15 mins before)
Course Cost: £1150

Pre-course requirements: 16 years old
Number of places available: 6
We require the full £1150 Non Refundable payment to secure your place. Please see Terms and Conditions.


Methods of Payment:

Cash or Card 
Bac Transfer – (Contact us)
Via Website

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Next Course dates:
Day 1-14th March
Day 2- 18th April
Day 3- 2nd May
Day 4- 30th May
Day 5- 27th June
Day 6- 18th July
Day 7- 15th August
Day 8- 19th September