Devine PDO Thread Lifting

Devine PDO Thread Lifting

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn the insertion of PDO Gog and Mono threads.

who has a previous qualification in Injections, such as Dermal Fillers or Botulinum Toxin. Now that the insurance requirements have recently changed it means both medics and non-medics can train in this amazing treatment. Meaning NO CQC requirements for non-medics!

Between the dermis and the superficial fascia lies the subcutaneous tissue, the bulk of the soft tissues of the face which contains multiple connective bands. These bands are of thick collagen fibres connecting the superficial fascia to the dermis and the importance of these bands is generally underestimated by aesthetic physicians. Atrophy of this layer of the skin contributes to ptosis of the facial skin including the jawline, chin and neck. Though dermal fillers add volume and other skin treatments such as lasers help they do not contribute to more than a few % of new mature collagen production and hence the vacuum for another complementary treatment has always remained.

A Non surgical facelift is another name for it and we can create the effects of a facelift without having to go under the knife. It’s a versatile treatment that lifts the skin from within while also stimulating the production of healthy new collagen proteins. Therefore, your skin will look fuller and younger for longer.

PDO Threads consist of disposable, single-use hypodermic needles preloaded with a PDO absorbable suture which is composed of polydioxanone (PDO).  It’s one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body. It’s fully absorbed within 4 to 6 months leaving a trail of collagen behind & shouldn’t leave you with any scar tissue.   


There are two types of PDO threads that you will be trained to insert:


  • Mono threads (Monofilament, Smooth)
  • Cog threads (Barbed)

The make of PDO’S you will be trained to insert is “EPLINE”

Course Content:

Contra indications

Pre care


Different areas including Foxy eye (please note every area will try to be covered in the practical session, but due to clients analysis and needs this may not be able to be fulfilled.)

Practical You will require a model 3hrs after the course starts. 


Course Duration: 6hrs 
Time: Beginners – 10-4pm (Arrive 15 mins before)
Course Cost-£1500 inc VAT (£899 OFFER)

Pre-course requirements: You must have at least a qualification, in needlework.
Number of places available: 4
We require a £500 Non -Refundable Deposit to secure your place on the course and the remaining balance is paid on the day of the course. Please see Terms and Conditions.

CPD Group Accredited course

Methods of Payment:

Cash or Card 
Bac Transfer – (Contact us)
Via Website

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