VTCT L3 Anatomy & Physiology

VTCT L3 Anatomy & Physiology Course



The VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies is a knowledge-based qualification which will provide you with a sound foundation to pursue a career as a complementary therapist, advanced beauty therapist, dermaplaning, dermal filler and Botox practitioner.  The course is a self-study programme where you will be required to complete an in-depth assignment followed by an examination.

This qualification will develop your knowledge and understanding of the organisation of the body, and the structure, function and pathologies of the skin, hair and nails. You will also learn about the structure, function and pathologies of the human body systems including, the skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and reproductive system.

The course is broken into parts.

Part 1-Pre-assignment & Induction

Part 2-Register Learner onto correct route

Part 3-Research and complete assignment given

Part 4-Revise using assignment, once marked by tutor

Part 5-Sit Examination (70% or above is required to pass)

Course Duration: 12 weeks (This can be fast tracked)

Time of Exam: Approx. 2-3 hours

You will not gain your certificate if all parts are not completed and passed.

Routes available are

1. Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and pathology for complementary therapies

2. Award in Anatomical and Physiological knowledge of body systems

To see which route you can take, a pre-study assignment will be sent out and a initial assessment in Maths and English will need completing

This course is fully accredited with VTCT and you will be certificated through VTCT.

The course is suitable for anyone 16 years and over.


Course Duration: 12 weeks
Cost: £575 – Inc VAT Paid In-full Non Refundable


If you would like to complete this course quicker, we have a Fast Track VTCT Level 3 A&P 5 week course which includes all the above  four days over 4 weeks with a tutor. Week 1 Complete assignment on areas covering paper 1. Week 2 -Exam Paper 1. Week 3 Complete assignment on areas covering paper 2. Week 4 – Exam Paper 2. Week 5 submit portfolio. You are guaranteed a higher percentage of passing your exam first time with this course.
Cost: £795 -Inc VAT Paid In Full Non Refundable

Full Non Refundable payment is required to secure a place on this course, Please see Terms and Conditions.

Methods of Payment:

Cash or Card 
Bac Transfer – (Contact us)
(please reference course date/your name when booking)

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